If I Had One Day to Live

What would you do if you had one day left to live? I think that the way a person answers this says a lot about who they are, and it shows what they value in life. When I ask myself what I would do if I had one day left to live, it’s very hard for me to narrow it down. But, this is how my ideal day would unfold…

First, I would gather all of my family members, close friends, and my dog Stella. I would then take everyone to my cabin with me. It would be a hot sunny day, and we would raft the river, swim in the lake, and lay under the sun. We would then go hiking, and find a lake or river to jump in at the end of our hike, while basking in the sun.

After being at the cabin I would then want to enjoy a nice evening out in Seattle, going to all of my favorite bars. I would probably throw some shopping in as well… buying all of the clothes that I’ve ever dreamed of having.  I would then eat my heart out, enjoying all my favorite foods…ravioli, curry, sushi, sub sandwiches, and of course some Taco Bell. At the end of the night, I would go to Gasworks park and lay out on the big grassy hill with the clear night sky above me. I would watch the city lights for hours as I was surrounded by my loved ones.

And that would be (one variation) of my perfect day!


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