Why I’m So Obsessed With Seattle

Growing up about ten minutes north of Seattle, I’ve always had a love for this city. There is just something about it. I truly miss it when I’m away, and it will always have my heart. These are the reasons why Seattle is oh so amazing.

  • Boating or kayaking on Lake Union on a hot summer day when the water sparkles and the city looks breathtaking
  • The laid back, friendly vibe that the people give off
  • The crazy, fun, hipster-esque bars of Capitol Hill
  • Walking the three mile trail around Green Lake
  • The beautiful views. My favorites are from Alki Beach and Kerry Park on Queen Anne
  • The waterfront (and the recently added ferris wheel!)
  • Our sports teams. Go Mariners, Sounders, and Seahawks!
  • Golden Gardens, which is a super sandy beach that can’t be found anywhere else in the state
  • The Freemont farmers market
  • The Space Needle
  • Annual Folk Life, Bumbershoot, Bite of Seattle festivals, along with many others
  • Archie McPhees. Look it up, it’s quite the store
  • The view of Mount Rainier
  • Discovery Park. It’s hidden gem in the city that’s full of hiking trails that lead down to the beach
  • The seafood

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