Lincoln Discovers D.C. Scholarship

For my ComStrat 381 class, I have been working on a semester long project that involves raising money to send one eighth grade student to Washington D.C. and New York City. Lincoln Discovers D.C., the scholarship that my group and I have created, is designed to raise money for Daniella Skinner, an eighth grade student at Lincoln Middle School. Every year, Lincoln Middle School gives students the opportunity to go on a week long educational trip to the east coast. Many families cannot afford to send their children, and that’s where Lincoln Discovers D.C. comes in.

We created a scholarship application at the beginning of the semester, and chose Daniella Skinner to raise money for. Daniella is originally from Mexico, and has lived in Pullman for not even six months. She is an amazing athlete, loves to travel, and hopes to be a forensic scientist one day. She is beyond excited to have the opportunity to go on this faculty lead trip. She describes herself as a kinesthetic learner, and thinks that this will be the perfect learning opportunity for her.

We hope to raise &1,900 by June 2014 to send Daniella on this trip of a lifetime. Check out our website for more information, and for the opportunity to donate. Even a small amount will help get this amazing girl to the capitol!


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