Inner Beauty

I came across this short video the other day, and within the first five seconds it was already making me angry. The video focuses on the the extreme amount of pressure that is put on women in Venezuela to be beautiful. At the beginning, a man states that “inner beauty does not exist” and that it is something that “unpretty women invented to justify themselves.” After I saw that, I already strongly disliked this man.

The video continues by showing various stores in Venezuela that have converted to using manequines with certain parts of the female body that are more endowed. A store owner even states that since they haves switched over to using these manequines, sales have greatly increased.

The part that I find so sad about this video is how normal, almost expected plastic surgery is to achieve the ideal standards of beauty in Venezuela. The women here will spend whatever money they can to make themselves “more beautiful.”

I think that plastic surgery is fine in moderation, and I’m not against anyone going under the knife if they believe it will make them happier. But, it’s not okay to give women the impression that they need to change parts of their body to become more beautiful. I think that everyone has something unique and beautiful about them AND inner beauty does exist. We don’t need plastic surgery to be beautiful.

This video makes me nervous to see how this unrealistic standard of beauty could continue to get worse in the near future. I can only hope that people start to accept themselves for who they are, and not listen to what anyone else says.


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