If I Could go Back in Time

Even though it is completely unrealistic, I’ve always day dreamed about traveling back in time. The different decades fascinate me, and I enjoy certain aspects of history. Here is what I would do if I could travel back in time!

  • Watch Elvis perform live
  • Meet Princess Diana
  • Dress up as a flapper in Paris in the 1920’s
  • Go all out at the Woodstock festival
  • See what it was like to live as a Native American before the settlers arrived
  • Embrace the styles of the 1970’s
  • Ancient Greece (and wear a toga of course)
  • Live in a castle during the renaissance
  • See Martin Luther King Junior’s speech
  • See immigrants coming through Ellis Island during the early 1920’s
  • Witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Live in the 1950’s, wear a poodle skirt with saddles shoes, do all those fun dances, and go to a drive in movie of course
  • Watch a baseball game in the early 1900’s
  • Meet Coco Chanel

And the list could go on forever…


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