Why Pullman is the Best College Town Imaginable

I feel as though it’s hard for people who don’t go to WSU to understand exactly why we love it so much here. I absolutely love Pullman! It’s the perfect college town and it gives you such an amazing experience. I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 This is why Pullman is the best college town imaginable.

  • People yell “Go Cougs” all the time. You could be thousands of miles away wearing a Coug shirt and it will still happen.
  • Even after you graduate, there is always a strong Cougar family feeling.
  • Beautiful sunsets all the time.
  • People always hold doors open, and are really nice in general.
  • There are bears here…that’s pretty cool!
  • There is a bar literally minutes away from campus.
  • The Greek system is amazing.
  • The campus is beautiful…with a mixture of old and new.
  • You feel very safe walking alone at night.
  • The leaves and sunny weather throughout Fall.
  • The dunes.
  • How a lot of people would rather stay for summer session than go home.
  • Syllabus week.
  • The clock tower that is a glowing red color at night.
  • The fight song.
  • Moms weekend and Dads weekend.
  • Crimson and grey… we have the best colors!

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