Time Management

I find myself staying very busy when I’m at school. Luckily, this semester has not been nearly as hectic as past semesters. The previous year was very overwhelming for me at times. I was taking 15 credits, vice president of my sorority, and working 20+ hours each week. Needless to say I definitely learned how to manage my time. Here are some tips on how to manage your time while in college!

Use a Planner – This has been beyond helpful throughout my time at college. I also use my calendar on my computer. At the beginning of every semester I write down every test and major due date, and already feel much more prepared. Every week I write down what I need to accomplish each day. I love making lists, and I’m not sure how I would function without writing everything down!

Start Early – I love starting work and class early in the morning, around 8 or 9. It’s easier to get things out of the way, and then I have more time in the afternoon to focus on homework. Plus, this provides me with time in the evening to relax!

Have a Designated Area for Schoolwork – I used to be better about this when I lived in my sorority, but this semester has been a struggle. I think that it can be easier to get work done if I’m a the CUB, in a cafe, or anywhere besides my bed where I am tempted to fall asleep.

Save Weekends for Fun – Of course, have some fun during the week, but I like to get most things done during the work week. This way, I can relax and spend time with my friends on the weekend. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to designate a Sunday to doing nothing more than having a Netflix marathon!

Call Your Mom – I remember part way through my junior year I had a complete breakdown over the large amount of schoolwork I had to complete, as well as having to miss work to stay on top of my vice president position. A simple phone call to my mom made me feel so much better. I definitely do not hesitate to do this when I start to feel overwhelmed now.

Rewards – Study for an hour, then let yourself browse the internet for fifteen minutes. Or make yourself finish an assignment before eating dinner. I know, it sounds ridiculous to reward yourself with food, but sometimes it really does work!


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