Dads Weekend!


I look forward to Dads Weekend all year. I think that it’s such a unique experience at WSU, and I’m always guaranteed to have a fun time with my Dad! This year was bittersweet. Being my last Dads Weekend, it made me realize how fast these four years have gone by. I was sad knowing that this was the last one I’ll ever have the chance to experience. But, I must say that it was the best one yet!

This was my first year being 21 for Dads Weekend, so we started the weekend off right with some beer tasting. My Dad has definitely influenced me on my growing love for beer. We were able to go to the bars multiple times, which was an exciting first! We also went out to eat a couple times. I love how my Dad is the least picky person I know. He will eat anything (and I’m almost the same way), so I love trying new foods with him! The football game was fun, but cold like usual. My Dad knows how easily I get cold so we left early like we have always done!

It’s always sad when my Dad leaves, but luckily I know I will see him very soon. I love my Dad for his sense of humor, his adventurous spirit, and his laid back ways. He will always be one of the most important people in my life.


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