City-Life Withdrawals

I love Pullman. I love the people, the college town atmosphere, and everything that it has to offer. But, being from a suburb of Seattle, I sometimes feel a little trapped living in the middle of wheat fields. Recently, I have been craving the city, and have felt like I’ve been trapped in the Pullman bubble. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here, but sometimes I just need to get out. Here are some pros and cons about living in a small town.


– Nearly everything is within walking distance. This means easily accessible food, friends who are less than 5 minutes away, and no need to find a ride home from the bars at night.

– Stronger community feel. Everyone is obsessed with the Cougs, and you will run into someone you know everywhere you go.

– Cheaper. It really is cheaper to live in Pullman. The food is cheaper, the rent is significantly less, and, in general, I save a lot of money here.

– My friends. Everyone is so close, I live with one of my best friends, my other friends are nearby, and I can see them nearly whenever I want to.


–  Not having as many options for activities. Seattle has so many great restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, and more that I am never in a shortage of something to do.

– The weather is more harsh, and sometimes I just cannot stand the snow.

– Pullman doesn’t have a lake, which I know sounds ridiculous, but I love being near the lake at home. I think it’s beautiful and there is always something to do near the water.

– Missing my family. I get homesick sometimes, and really do miss my family while away.

Pullman is great for four years at college, but I don’t think I could do any more. I am a city person at heart, and look forward to being in back in Seattle. But, once I leave, I know I will miss my Pullman years more than anything, so I’m trying to enjoy every single moment.


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