Fun Activities to do in Pullman

As much as I love living and going to school in Pullman, sometimes I feel myself getting into a rut of school, work, and frequenting the same bars on the weekends. I often miss the large variety of things to do in Seattle. But, through my three years here, I have become more familiar with fun things to do, and places to go (even though a good portion of those include certain bars and restaurants.)

The Coug – I know the Coug is a fairly obvious place to go to, but you can’t beat the deals at Awesome Hour, which is every day 8-9 PM. A pint of beer is only $2, which is hard to find anywhere else. Go on Sunday and get a corn dog for a dollar!

Paradise Creek – They have a cute outdoor patio that is great during the warmer months. Also, get the beer sampler, which is fairly cheap and you get to sample 5 different beers.

Birch and Barley – Again, a great place for outdoor seating, which is hard to find in Pullman. Very good food too!

Parks – There are multiple parks throughout Pullman that are secluded and relaxing. Go on a nice day, bring a blanket, and lay down in the grass and read.

La Casa Lopez – Famous for their 2 for 1 margaritas on Wednesday. Where else can you get two (super tasty) margaritas for $5? Plus they have amazing bean dip and salsa that comes with the chips.

Moscow Mall – Not the most unique place to go, but when I feel trapped in the Pullman bubble, it is nice to get out and shop around.

Walk around town – Downtown Pullman can actually be pretty fun to walk around. There are a couple of thrift stores that I like to go into, as well as the store Flirt, which always has cute clothes. I also like to stop and eat at Mandarin House for Chinese, which is super cheap, and you get a large amount of food.

Wine Tasting – There are actually a couple of places to go wine tasting in Pullman, such as Merry Cellars for example. It makes for a fun outing!

Kamiak Butte – I have never done this hike, but it’s on my list of things to do. Everyone says it’s a beautiful hike!

Pet Store – There is one in Pullman and Moscow. I have held kittens at the Pullman one, and puppies at the Moscow one!

Watch the Less Popular Sports – I once went to a tennis match, which was so fun to watch. There are plenty of sports that you can go watch and cheer on. Even though it’s more popular, baseball is by far my favorite.

Swim at the Rec – It’s so fun to go swim around in the pool at the rec. Also, sit in the gigantic hot tub and relax.


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