My Happy Place

IMG_0063Everyone has that one place where they can go and feel completely relaxed and at ease with life. That one place where you catch yourself daydreaming about and wishing you could be there in the blink of an eye. For me, this place is my cabin.  My cabin is  one of those special places that I grew up with. It contains so many wonderful memories that seem to bring me back to being a child, and gives me new memories every time I am there.

One of my favorite aspects of my cabin is the distinct seasons it offers. It is located on the Wenatchee River, about two hours out of Seattle. The summers are hot, and the winters are cold and snowy. During the colder months, the forests and mountains turn into a winter wonderland. My family and I go sledding, skiing, snow shoeing, and on late night walks through the snow. Of course we also love to curl up next to the fire and play board games while sipping on hot coco. Sometimes the town of Plain provides a horse drawn carriage to ride on in the snow, which could not get more picturesque.

The summer time, which is when I took this picture, is a completely different atmosphere. I love to go hiking, swim at the lake, and eat ice cream at the local store. The river is the perfect place for swimming and river rafting. I love to swim around and explore. Once I even went too far down river, simply to lay on a sandy beach that I discovered. Little did I know that my parents thought I had drowned in the river, and were seconds away from calling search and rescue. Sometimes I just can’t control my urge to explore! My absolute favorite thing to do at my cabin, both winter and summer, is sit out on the deck and take in the amazing view of the mountains and river. It has taken me time, but I appreciate it more than anything, and my cabin will always be my escape, my happy place.


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