That One Question Everyone Asks

8a18defa55857f020ddca1aafa1f6f56Now that graduation is just around the corner this coming Spring, I have found people frequently asking me what I plan to do when I graduate. I have found that this is a very difficult question to answer, and my mind usually starts spinning with different ideas. Normally, just to keep things simple, I say that I will work in public relations, whether that be at a large firm, or small company. This is likely the case since I will be graduating with a degree in PR. I usually tell people that I will save up money before moving out, then live in Seattle (which is very close to where I currently reside), with a friend  Yes, I can easily see all of this happening, but do I know for sure? No. I have many other ideas that go through my mind. I think about traveling, and taking time off to figure out what I truly want to do. I think about working in a completely different industry since I have always had that desire to care for and help people. I think about moving to San Francisco, which is probably one of my favorite cities in the world. I think about moving to New York and working in fashion or beauty PR. So…next time I get asked what my plans are after graduation I will probably resort to my condensed version of living in Seattle and working for a PR firm, when in reality, my mind will be going through all of the endless possibilities.


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