My Passion

Camels in Broome, Australia-

I believe that we are meant to enjoy life to its fullest potential, which I try my best to do when I am away at school. But, sometimes being a student is frustrating. Sometimes all I want to do is have the ability to make enough money to do what I truly love…travel. I was infected with the travel bug at a young age. My family has always loved to travel, and I was lucky enough to have parents that took my brother and I on frequent vacations. Some of my fondest memories are from traveling with my family, as well as friends. If money were no object, and I could do anything with my life at this given moment, I would take a year, maybe two, maybe more, and explore every inch of this planet. I wouldn’t even need or want someone to necessarily go with me. I would go to Australia, all over Europe, Asia, South America, and so much more. I would meet hundreds of new people, try new foods, see beautiful sights, and emerge myself into unique cultures. We write bucket lists about all of these places and things we want to do one day, but then we put our focus towards work and school.  We focus on aspects of life that are not as fulfilling; miniscule tasks that do not provide rich value in our lives. I tend to think that I will get around to the things I want to do in life, but sometimes it worries me that I never will. I feel like I am in my prime right now, and to have the ability to travel all over the world would make me so happy. Unfortunately, society makes it difficult with the focus that is put on work and school. But, I will stay true to my passion and make it happen one day.


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