Someone Needs to Say it…Technology is Taking Over our Lives

I remember my parents buying me my first cell phone in eighth grade, which I had anxiously been waiting for. I never would have guessed how drastically my life would change from that moment on. Don’t get me wrong. I love using instagram, going on facebook, and keeping in constant contact with my friends. But, sometimes I will just decide not to respond to anyone for hours, and keep my phone off. Sometimes I just need that break from feeling like I must respond to multiple texts, calls and emails. Why are we suddenly so dependent on technology when just seven years ago I didn’t even know how to work a cell phone? It kills me to think of how our technology obsession only worsens each year. I don’t want my kids to grow up addicted to their smartphone. I want them to enjoy playing outside, spending time with loved ones, and doing what kids are supposed to do.

I think that one of the most frustrating things that comes along with societies addiction to technology is dating. It is rare to find a man that actually calls to ask a woman out on a date. Why would he when he has the convenience of texting right at his hands? Both men and women rely on texting, and do not have enough face-to-face interactions and meaningful conversations. Sometimes I wish that I grew up twenty years earlier. Communication seemed more meaningful back when people didn’t have to send a simple 5-word text to ask someone out on a date. But, then again, technology makes our lives so much easier, and it’s hard to imagine life without it. I can only hope that society does not continue to grow more dependent on it throughout the years. I think that people need to work on being more present in the moment. We need to stop constantly checking our phones, and enjoy the wonderful people and moments that are constantly happening around us.


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