How to Avoid Boredom on a Rainy Day

Every now and then I find myself sitting around my apartment on a gloomy day, out of ideas on how to occupy my time. Sometimes I think how helpful it would be to have a list of activities that I can refer to in hopes of occupying my time. So, here is how to avoid boredom on a rainy day

Reorganize the furniture in your room to give it a whole new feel

Go through your clothes and donate the ones you find yourself not wearing anymore

Make something that can be used as décor in your room. This is cute and simple. Same with this one

Make hot coco and watch Christmas movies (My top choices would be The Santa Clause & A Christmas Story) Or, for those over 21, make this Holiday Margarita

Write in a journal

Make a list of all the places you want to travel to

Search exercise videos on youtube (and actually do them!)

Bake something. All of these look delicious. One (super easy & only 5 ingredients!), two & three

Download new music (and dance/sing to your new songs)

Bring back some childhood memories and make a fort out of blankets and pillows

Paint your nails. Here are some of the top colors for fall

Do a face mask

Go on a long walk and explore (even if it may be raining)

Find a new recipe and experiment in the kitchen

Take a long relaxing bath

Read a book or magazine

Watch scary movies

Write a letter for yourself and open it in five, ten, twenty, or however many years you’d like

Catch up with an old friend on the phone

Try out new hair styles and makeup ideas

Go through old cards and photos

Read through articles on Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed


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